4) Effect of a human body on gain

The human body has a substantial influence on antenna performance, especially when it is used in a handheld unit. Below shows how much loss there is in our standard evaluation board.

・ Fig. 4-1 and Fig. 4-2 show the VSWR and radiation pattern when held in a human hand. Minimum peak of VSWR barely shifts from 430MHz and VSWR of 1.41 at 430MHz. There is hardly any deteriorization of maximum antenna gain (Fig. 4-2).
・ Fig. 4-3 and Fig.4-4 show the VSWR and radiation pattern when attached to a human abdomen. A 10mm styrene plate was inserted between the body and the evaluation board to simulate the PCB being enclosed in a case. The VSWR frequency shifted by about 5 MHz lower. Fig. 4-4 shows the unidirectional radiation pattern with styrene on abdomen.













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