Oil / Coolant Temperature Sensor


• Integrated waterproof connector sensor

• Precise temperature measuring

• Quick response (6s)

• Durable at high temperatures (200°C)

• Tough against extreme heat cycling and vibration

• Double molding makes for airtight construction


• Electronic fuel injection for motorcycles or automobiles

• Measuring oil / coolant temperature

• Measuring liquid temperature for industrial or household applications


• Operating temperature・・・・ -30℃ ~ +200℃ for sensor portion
• Resistance R100・・・・・ 1553Ω
• B-Value B50/100・・・・・・・・・・ 3854K
• Thermal constant・・・・・・ τ = 6s (in stirred water)
* Shape, electrical or mechanical characteristics, the addition of a O-ring, among others features is customizable.
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